About Messy

Mahlia is a ceramist based in East London, known for her  handcrafted ceramics. Her work is a testament to the artistry and dedication she brings to each unique piece, reflecting a journey that began in her grandparents' backyard during her childhood.
A self-taught ceramist, Mahlia has honed her skills over the years with guidance from friends and family who share her passion for the craft. Her creative process includes both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. 
Mahlia's pieces are characterised by their refined craftsmanship and distinctive, often imperfect, beauty. She finds joy in embracing the imperfections that make each piece uniquely charming and authentic.

In her East London studio, clay is her primary medium, and she takes great pride in the love and care she invests in every creation. Her journey as a ceramist has been immensely inspired by her cultural heritage and family background of artists and sculptors. 
Mahlia's ceramics are a statement of her commitment to quality, design, and authenticity. 
Her ethos for Messy is to connect, play and make a mess sustainably.